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Sunday, January 24, 2016

My favorite TPT sellers (clip art)

I've had a Teachers Pay Teachers store since 2014, but didn't really start to add good quality products until 2015 when my (previous) roommate, Briana, really taught me how to make the most of it! Bri  writes the blog Sun, Sand, & Second Grade which is pretty amazing and you should definitely go read it. A link to her amazing TPT store is at the top of her blog if you were curious. Which you should be.

She gave me so many tips and tricks! One of the best ones was telling me about Krista Wallden's TPT store. You guys. This woman is so insanely creative, and ridiculously generous when it come to giveaways. Her clip art is some of my favorite. Whether you're just starting your store, or a long time user, you need to go look at some of her stuff, you won't be disappointed. This is an example of her work from my Basic Concepts Big vs. Small product.

Another one of my favorite TPT sellers for clip art is Prince Panania. His style is so unique and wonderful. I always feel like his clip art makes my products go from good to great! Here's an example from one of my Quick Artic products. I mean, look at this stuff:

These are two of my favorite sellers from TPT for clip art specifically. I'll post more about my preferred sellers later this week!


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